First Call

  • call is closed
  • 20 funding organisations involved from 16 countries
  • total budget of 14 Mio €
  • 67 full-proposals received
  • 10 projects recommended for funding

Funded Projects


File name Description  

Ending tail docking and tail biting in the EU - Hazard characterization and exposure assessment of a major pig welfare problem

RABHO Rabbit housing

Development and assessment of alternative animal-friendly housing systems for rabbit does with kits and growing rabbits


Improving turkey health and welfare by reducing foot pad dermatitis


Controlling the impact of Escherichia coli mastitis through modulation of immune responses


Co-circulation of avian influenza and velogenic Newcastle disease viruses - impact on pathogenesis, immune response and disease prevention


Marek's Disease Virus induced immunosuppression: From diagnosis to vaccination


Brucellosis in wildlife and domestic animals: development of a direct diagnostic method and assessment of genetic diversity of Brucella melitensis and B. suis biovar 2 strains in the EU.


Improved understanding of the epidemiology of peste-des-petits ruminants


Prediction and Control of Vector- and Movement-Borne Livestock Epidemics


Control of Clostridium difficile: an Emerging Threat to the European Livestock Industry