Third Call

  • Call is closed
  • 20 funding organisations involved from 16 countries
  • Total budget of ca. 9.5 Mio €
  • 39 full proposals received
  • 12 projects recommended for funding

Funded Projects


The funded projects will be published presumably end of 2015.


File name Description  
ANIBOTNET Animal botulism: innovative tools for diagnosis, prevention, control and epidemiological investigation
ARBONET Epidemiological models for control of arboviral disease for Europe
NOVIMARK Identification of virulence markers in two loss-making Novirhabovirus is the key to improve diagnostic and strategic management in farmed rainbow trout.
Epi-risk Integrated epidemiological models for risk-based surveillance approaches
MRSA_BACTERIOPHAGES Bacteriophages as alternative to antimicrobial treatments of bovine mastitis caused by methicillin-resistant staphylococci (MRS), with emphasis on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
BLAAT Bacteriophage lysins as  alternatives to antimicrobial treatment
EryPoP Erysipelas ? an emerging disease in animal friendly production systems for poultry and pigs
iMBDatA Integrated EU Mobile Broiler Data ? Optimising Broiler Chicken Management, Health and Welfare through use of integrated EU data
SOUNDWEL Toward a tool for farmers to evaluate welfare states of pigs: measuring vocal indicators of emotions
PigWatch Combining the 'eye of the stockman' and precision farming techniques to improve pig welfare
AWAP Validation of automated welfare assessment for poultry
Santero Risk-based Surveillance for ANimal healTh in EuROpe